Like MadPiglet, I also know exactly what you mean. It's pretty damn bleak — across-the-board on the mainpage — and I've gotten to the point where I've never flipped so fast through Dirt Bag post comment sections in all the years I've been here. Ditto for The Muse, since it's become a sub-blog. » 3/29/15 1:10pm Sunday 1:10pm

Seconding the don't-flush-your-tampons advice. Flushing tampons is just one of several no-nos that ensure that plumbers will never be out of business. Ditto for personal wipes, baby wipes and, if you can believe it, dental floss. » 3/28/15 3:17pm Saturday 3:17pm

I won't attempt to pass myself off as anything but a big-city girl but I still found this post very interesting and equally worthwhile, so I'm glad you wrote it. » 3/28/15 7:20am Saturday 7:20am

Dear God, the U.S. remake of Kath & Kim was a complete and utter abomination. It also made me understand why Magda Szubanski put the kibosh on allowing Sharon to be part of the script in any way, shape or form: she feared that an American audience would not "understand" Sharon — or find her oddly/wildly endearing —… » 3/28/15 6:51am Saturday 6:51am

It sounds like you'll be accompanying your father to the oncologist appointment tomorrow and I just wanted to stress that, no matter how hard going it's going to be for you — truly an understatement, to put it bluntly — a second set of "ears" is always immensely helpful when the prognosis is the main thrust of the… » 3/27/15 4:49am Friday 4:49am

Harry? Yeah, I just don't get it either: he's become so grubby- and greasy-looking — almost diseased — and really ought to fire his third-rate tattoo artist. » 3/26/15 2:07pm Thursday 2:07pm

It was the captain who left the cockpit — to get some sleep in a berth in the flight-rest compartment — but he was replaced by a third pilot who'd already gotten his sleep time in. That's pretty standard practice on long-haul flights such as that one which would have been an 11-12 hour deal. You're right, though,… » 3/26/15 12:04am Thursday 12:04am

Even on the Jezebel mainpage I've seen plenty of North-Americans speak of Jeremy Clarkson as if he's some sort of hero, all because he punched Piers Morgan in the face and broke a finger in the process. I'm North-American, too, but I guess I pay attention better than I thought. Jeremy Clarkson is vile and that… » 3/24/15 9:52pm 3/24/15 9:52pm

That jumped out at me, too, so I'm glad it's been corrected. Also, it's important to mention both "ectomies" in Angelina's (preventive measure) case because fairly new research has found that the most aggressive forms of ovarian cancer actually start in the fallopian tubes and eventually move on to the ovaries when… » 3/24/15 11:26am 3/24/15 11:26am

You're absolutely right. However, that piece of draft legislation was the handiwork of the party that was in power at the time: the (separatist) Parti Québécois. The PQ was foolish enough to call an election roughly a year ago and they lost, in the most staggering defeat in the party's 40+ year history (something like… » 3/24/15 4:18am 3/24/15 4:18am

I did a double-take at that born-in-Beaconsfield angle, too, but what distracted me even more is the fact that John Kastner's birth name was Jean-Guy and that a full head of dreadlocks appears to be his hair style of choice. » 3/23/15 7:27pm 3/23/15 7:27pm

Agreed and, as far as I'm concerned, nothing got lost in translation with respect to what they were getting at. In fact, I recall asking myself: how do you take back hateful words like that? The answer, of course, is: you don't, primarily because you can't, realistically-speaking. » 3/22/15 3:27pm 3/22/15 3:27pm

Agreed. There's no accounting for people's taste but what's really sad is, being only 17, she's probably still at the Kardashian-Lite stage of her conspicuous consumption arc. She's got a whole life of tacky choices ahead of her. » 3/22/15 2:46pm 3/22/15 2:46pm

She does look happy — not to mention really good for 68 — which is especially nice given that she was widowed so young (mid- to late-40s, I'm guessing). I had no idea she'd remarried. It's a pleasant surprise. » 3/22/15 1:22pm 3/22/15 1:22pm

I love The Imperial War Museum in London. Admittedly, my first visit was for one purpose and one purpose only — the chance to view their much-heralded tribute to the 50th anniversary of Christian Dior's "New Look" in 1997 — but it's exhibits like what you're describing that have kept me coming back every time I'm in… » 3/18/15 5:25pm 3/18/15 5:25pm