Good! I was hoping something like this would happen as a result of Toronto Police Chief Blair's news conference yesterday, wherein he encouraged victims to come forward. I believe he also stated that there is no statute of limitations on any allegations made. » 10/31/14 8:35pm Yesterday 8:35pm

So yesterday, Jian got dumped by his crisis management firm (Navigator) — after being a client for barely a week — plus his P.R. firm of 15 years (Rock-It-Promotions) and I thought: Mr. Ghomeshi, you are well-and-truly fecked. But I guess I was wrong in terms of how low things could possibly sink because being… » 10/31/14 6:20pm Yesterday 6:20pm

Groupthink Invite Thread: Special "Don't Be Afr-a-a-a-id" Edition

Just because it's Halloween and just because this place may seem rife with ghouls, goblins, witches, warlocks, vampires and people with scary commenter names, there's no need to feel spooked by the chance to delurk your sweet self and ask for Groupthink authorship privileges. We don't bite — not even today! — so the… » 10/31/14 4:23am Yesterday 4:23am

This reminds me of a similar social experiment conducted by a Muslim student from Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia earlier this month. It didn't end in a sucker-punch but, then again, Sydney had not just experienced what Hamilton had, in terms of the gut-wrenching loss of a "hometown boy". » 10/30/14 8:31am Thursday 8:31am

More Jian Ghomeshi Dreadfulness (Possible TW)

CBC Radio's As It Happens aired a nearly 13-minute interview this evening with another woman who very briefly dated Jian Ghomeshi about 10 years ago and, sadly, her claims are very similar to the other accounts of physical violence that surfaced on Sunday. At the woman's request, the CBC agreed not to use her name:… » 10/29/14 9:12pm Wednesday 9:12pm

I'm really glad you've broached this sidebar topic (for lack of a better term). It's been on my mind, too, and a lot gelled for me yesterday when I read a convincing opinion piece from Salon's Mary Elizabeth Williams — aptly titled The Class War Over Sexual Abuse Allegations — which, in part, addresses the Honey Boo… » 10/28/14 3:57pm Tuesday 3:57pm

I remember her. The groom's father — the Marquess of Bath — is more than a bit of a kook, though, and it's rather surprising that he refused to attend the wedding, since he has something like 70+ concubines, or wifelets as he refers to them, some of whom live on the grounds of the estate he shares with his actual wife. » 10/26/14 7:19pm Sunday 7:19pm

It could all depend on where you live (no snark intended). Jian Ghomeshi's daily arts and culture programme called Q airs on a fair number of NPR stations, but they're primarily in bigger urban markets. On merit alone, it was a great radio programme — extremely well-researched — and, in fact, had gained enough of a… » 10/26/14 5:32pm Sunday 5:32pm

In the space of an hour or so, I've gone from being genuinely shocked and upset to, quite frankly, not knowing what to think. Plus, I just checked my Twitter feed and the latest development is that, besides having hired the P.R. firm, Navigator, Jian Ghomeshi intends on suing the CBC to the tune of $50 million. » 10/26/14 3:08pm Sunday 3:08pm