Sorry/not sorry but labelling Annie Lennox a racist white woman who does not care about anyone but other white women is quite a stretch, if the main thrust of her charitable and humanitarian works — not to mention her humanitarian awards — are anything to go by. She's not some lazy armchair activist given that the… » 10/25/14 7:01am Today 7:01am

As a fellow Canuck, I just wanted to offer yet another thank-you. You've earned the appreciation in that you've managed to capture the essence — and the nuance — of how so many Canadians are feeling right now, from coast-to-coast and all the vastness of territory in-between. <3 » 10/25/14 5:43am Today 5:43am

An American Take On CBC's Live Coverage Of Ottawa Shootings

Here's a very interesting and thought-provoking piece from James West of Mother Jones which, while reinforcing what I already knew — as a Canadian and a Friend of the CBC — got me wondering: when exactly did American cable T.V.'s breaking news coverage and developing story reporting become so over-the-top and lacking… » 10/24/14 5:55am Yesterday 5:55am

Oh man, I'd already had a good cry seeing the photos of Nathan Cirillo's dogs awaiting their master's return at his home in Hamilton. I'm teary-eyed all over again but this Globe & Mail piece is oddly comforting and is a great follow-up to the photo of the woman giving him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation that was widely… » 10/23/14 9:24pm Thursday 9:24pm

I'm glad to hear The Hairpin seems to be a more enjoyable read these days. I only visit occasionally — primarily when an interesting Hairpin link pops up in my Twitter feed — but I did get a favourable vibe from this interview with incoming Editor, Haley Mlotek, conducted by Choire Sicha back in mid-August. » 10/23/14 6:58pm Thursday 6:58pm

As so many others have stated or implied, this essay marks a new low in Jezebel dumpster-diving. Even the tagline is disingenuous to the point of mock-worthiness. JUST FACTS? Not even remotely close. JUST CONJECTURE would be a much more fitting — and truthy — label. » 10/23/14 6:33am Thursday 6:33am

What's doubly galling is that Brébeuf — formerly a Jesuit-run school — has been secular since the mid-1980s, so Roman Catholic puritanism would have had very little, if anything, to do with the fate of Mme Laurent-Auger. What it's really all about is school administrators' fixation on upholding the Brébeuf brand, in… » 10/21/14 11:35am Tuesday 11:35am

I read that Russell Brand and Jemima Khan broke up quite recently — mid- to late-September, I think — and it made me just a tiny bit sad. They seemed a good match, cerebrally, but the reasons given were something along the lines of: the relationship had simply run its course. » 10/15/14 10:47am 10/15/14 10:47am

Milkshaker! I am SO sorry it's taken me this long to get back to you. I had decided to wait until later that day or possibly the next day to reply — as I didn't want to put my real name out there on a Jezebel post that had only been up for about an hour — but then it somehow slipped my mind. » 10/11/14 12:57pm 10/11/14 12:57pm